John Williams - Some Brief Biographical Notes

A picture showing The Author, John Williams, 26th April 2000

I live in retirement in rural France, and am 69 and married. I have a grown-up daughter (32) who finished reading Modern European Languages at Liverpool in 2005. She has a 2.1 degree and has found work, and I'm immensely proud of her! She has been recently working hard at producing a first granddaughter for us, and has now secured a teacher-training place to teach modern languages to primary age children!

I started my work career in the chemical industry, most recently the detergent industry, doing laboratory work.

In 1976 I started training to become a teacher as a "mature" student.

My wife, an ex-special school headteacher, did some supply work in that area and, until recently, worked as a special needs officer. I have also worked extensively in various areas of special education.

I am a primary teacher by training, but most recently worked teaching computer skills to parents, and sometimes their children as well, in Liverpool, and additionally doing a little consultancy within the LEA. This latter was mainly with Acorn computers where these remained.

My first computer was a ZX81. I then had a Spectrum, followed by a second-hand BBC B.

My first program was a hand-eye co-ordination program for the Spectrum to encourage left/right scanning involving a mouse and a bucket!

Next I had one of the first A3000s under the teachers' scheme.

I now run a number of Risc PC700s, and have an Iyonix as my main machine.

My programs, written uniquely for RISC OS, are generally not very sophisticated, but tend to be useful.

My main pre-occupations are continuing to develop my Pic_Index program, which I started to meet my own needs when I bought my first digital camera, a Mavica FD71, and other minor programming. I now have an Olympus SP-500UZ.

We now live in France, and have many good friends here.


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